I want to teach a language!

Language teachers wanted! If you know at least one language, register now! Either online, and teach others your own language! LIVE! Anywhere at the computer, comfortably. You can get real income by teaching languages.

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Do you want to have skills in language?

Would you like to improve your language skills? Sign up now! If you're online, you can learn by speaking to our members in their mother tongue. Through the LIVE screen! Anywhere at the computer, comfortably.

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Comfortably, efficiently, freely. LIVE-EDU is here for you! Sign up for free on LIVE-EDU system. Create your profile and connect with us. Teach and let yourself learn, choose the method that is most suitable for you. Ten minutes or a few hours. Offer your own language! Help people in their studies and earn money. Wherever and as much as you want depending on your choice. Sign up now and experience the freedom of language learning without borders!


No other method can offer a more efficient and simple tool for language practice! If you have at least basic knowledge, LIVE-EDU is for you. Shift to a higher speed in language learning! Abundant number of options available for finding the right partner, for example, by language, age, gender, country, education, evaluation, recommendations, mutual interests, etc. Talk face-to-face, practice the correct pronunciation of words and word order of sentences. Learn a language really intensively through the best possible method: live communication!


Don't be afraid! Every journey begins with the first step. The *My Pocket* application will support your first steps in language learning. Your messages will be retained during a call. If it happens that you get stalled in communication the *Power Translator* helps to translate words for you and also for your teacher. Mark your favorite teachers. You would not believe how easy learning languages can be.


Receive or send messages. Arrange your calendar, send and receive suggestions, even book the exact teaching time, depending on your own schedule. Communicate, search, chat, accept or send pictures, book specific terms, translate words in an integrated translator, learn any language through live face-to-face communication. All these tools and benefits are a direct part of the LIVE-EDU system and all right in your browser!

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